Vidya Bandhu at Sneh Milan-2013'Bhai Sahab' and President of India Shri Rajendra Prasad share a moment at Vidya Bhawan'Bhai Sahab' welcomed by student of Vidya BhawanHonoured Batch of 1977-78 at Sneh Milan-2013Group Photo of Honoured Batch of 1978-79 at Sneh Milan-2014Vidya Bandhus at Sneh Milan-2014Vidya Bandhus in Annual Hike at Badbadeshwar Mahadev
Welcome to Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh

Vidya Bhawan was established in 1931 and the first batch passed out in 1934. In the same year, the idea of an old boys association and the name Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh was conceived by the Founder of Vidya Bhawan 'Bhai Sahab' Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta.

Hence, Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh was formed in 1934 with the objective to keep in touch with the alma mater and to promote the ideals of responsible citizenship, the cherished goal of Vidya Bhawan. Presently, Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh (VBVBS) has more than 850 members.